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A & B Water Consultants are your go-to water, arsenic, and radon specialists. With branches in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, our consultants have helped New England families to ensure the quality of water in their homes for more than 25 years. Every system we install is custom-designed for your home. Visit our contact page to set up an immediate no-charge consultation.

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Water Systems

You want safe water for you and your family. You want quality water for your plumbing and equipment. Whether you’re battling problems because of hard water, or dealing with bad odors, or have a failed bacteria test, A & B water Consultants are here to help… swiftly, reliably, efficiently. We provide guaranteed results.

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Radon Systems

Radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It can be found in air and water. In the outside world its effect on us is minimal, but in our homes, where it becomes concentrated, it can be deadly. A & B Water Consultants have the experience and expertise to resolve your radon issues. We custom design radon-mitigating systems and deliver 100% results.

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Our 4 Step Process

Review your tests and analyze the results
Provide you with a quote to effectively resolve the identified issues
Install a custom-designed water or air system within 2–4 business days
Retest and guarantee resolution